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In Craft Freemasonry, sometimes known as Blue Lodge Freemasonry, every Masonic Lodge elects or appoints Masonic Lodge Officers to execute the necessary functions of the lodge's life and work. 

Kevin Hall

Worshipful Master

A Message from the Master

One of the greatest strengths of our fraternity is its stability throughout the years. There have been many challenges endured by Masonry over the centuries. The fraternity has survived political, social, and economic issues including scandals and downright persecution. I believe part of our fraternity’s ability to withstand these occasional forces come from two things; the ritual (which never changes) and our time-proven method of transitioning the leadership of the lodges.


In a “perfect” scenario it takes someone seven years to move through the offices and become Master of the lodge. This time is designed to be spent not only in learning the ritual, which is daunting enough, but also in gaining an understanding, and developing the skills, of lodge management. Many of our advancing officers have not had the luxury of this slow and deliberate progress through the chairs. But we are all having great fun with some of this acceleration of duties! All lodges wisely ask that at some point in the year the officers move to advanced stations for stated meetings, as part of working towards the smooth transition from one Master’s year to another’s. Lodges prosper because of this, successful programs are continued and new programs are introduced before implementation is begun. They learn the ritual of opening and closing more quickly by “just doing it”. It really works well, as evidenced by the continuation and strength of the fraternity! Again, as there are some “jumps” occurring, this will be somewhat of a challenge for them. I am confident they are up to the challenge. There are sure to be some interesting moments, but we will all look at these “gaffs” as part of the learning process.


On a sadder note, Wor. Jerry Murphy, a Past Master of our Lodge passed away on Thursday, October 25th. He had a stroke a few days prior and went into a coma he never woke from. At Friendship Lodge 210 in San Jose, where had affiliated, he would have been part of the 3rd degree team that night but we received word he passed to that Celestial Lodge above at the time we were giving a Brother his obligation. Jerry always had good timing! There will be a Masonic Memorial Service for him on November 16th at the San Jose Masonic Center at 2 pm. The address is 2500 Masonic Dr, in San Jose. Jerry's wife Ellie thinks there will be near 100 people, friends and Masons, in attendance.


Looking to the more immediate future, we are starting our ritual practices in preparation for Tingbin Tang's 3rdº.

Our first practice will be at the Menlo Park Masonic Hall on November 28th starting at 7:30 pm. The next practice will be December 12th, same time and place with the date of November 19th for the degree conferral starting at 7 pm.


I want to commend Brother Tom Prussing and his kitchen staff of Brothers Larry Kavinoky and our newest Entered Apprentice Andrew Sanchez for the excellent seasoned pork rib dinner at the November stated meeting.

If you weren't there you missed a good one. I have been informed by Brother Tom that the menu for the next year is already set. If you would like to be part of the kitchen crew, just give a holler and we can make that happen. At our stated meeting dinner for December we will be having a turkey dinner with many of the usual fixins. 


If you haven't been to Lodge in a while, now is a good time to do so. We are gaining members rather quickly and we would love you to meet them. Come to any of the practices as well.







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